Saturday, October 26, 2013

Katherine & Erik Eggers

1 // Katherine and Erik, hand in hand during the rehearsal.
2 // I shared so many laughs with Taylore over the weekend.  
3 // A moment with my love on the beautiful McConnell Plantation.
4 // Bear and the beautiful Holly.  They add so much life to any gathering.
5 // Lee, Aunt Leslie, and I, pausing for just a minute in between dancing.
6 // Clarke is the most fun.
7 // John and Susan, my in-laws, are wonderful dancers, a skill they bust out whenever they can.
8 // Katherine and Erik, looking so married. :)

Just a week ago,  my sister-in-law Katherine married Erik Eggers amid the beautiful changing farm landscape of the McConnell Hall Plantation.  The weekend was full of belly laughs, heart to heart talks over wine, and the love that comes inherent with the joining of two folks in love.  We Thompsons sure are glad to have a new brother and a new nephew, Daylen.  May their hearts be full of love, always, and their home be at peace.  I love you both, K & E.  Welcome to the crazy world of marriage.  It's a wild, beautiful ride.

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