Saturday, October 5, 2013

heart, meet sleeve

It must suck to be you, left unremembered, beating bold and quiet beneath the plaster I've fashioned around you.  You've listened and waited throughout my stupid struggle, like a lost driver refusing to use the road atlas.  Those who quit you completely are a pig-headed breed, bitter and spitting sour defense.  I won't join their ranks... but better to run to a thing than away from.  Those who've befriended you laugh easy, and everything that is inside an easy laugh is theirs.  

I've come to dig you out; it might get dusty.  Hold on - you're resilient, built to bear bad weather.  I've been treating you like China, precious and on a pedestal; but the science books classify you as a muscle.  Time to let you shine.  

When you're out here in the air of reality, remember these things:

  • people are generally really nice, let them on in
  • trust your gut with boundaries 
  • you are not what you do
  • when you come up against a wall, don't imitate the wall  
  • when you say yes to others, make sure you aren't saying no to yourself
  • fail big
*photo by me, on a trail walk one evening

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