Wednesday, November 20, 2013

bedroom dreaming

Before we even had the keys to our home, I was pinning, dreaming, and drawing up ideas for each room.  I think it goes without saying that the process of making a house a home is long one.  It takes time, and it should.  The best spaces have a texture and patina that comes in waves, not all at once.  So, we decided to take it one room at a time.  The room I think about the most? Our bedroom.

I did not include a picture of our bedroom, mostly because I'm lazy (truth).  It's a large room, larger than any room you'll usually see in a 1940's mill house.  That's because it was added on as an afterthought in the 1970's.  There are high awning windows, a private door to the back patio, and built in oak bookshelves surrounding a large brick fireplace.  I am in love with its potential.

Here are some things on the list for this room, inspired by the above photos (thanks Pinterest):

// paint the bookshelf/fireplace wall matte black (leave the bookshelves natural)
// paint all other walls white
// reupholster my midcentury vinyl armchair with mossy green velvet
// find low stools to use as bedside tables for our platform bed
// purchase industrial/modern sconces to replace the existing uber-ninties ones

later down the road we'll
// lay down hardwoods (this is the only room without them)
// sheetrock the ceiling (it's some kind of soundproofing tile right now)

For now, I dream on.  We still haven't conquered Jonathan's office, and I promised him that it was next ;)

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