Saturday, December 14, 2013

Vintage Pop-Up Magic

I had the honor of participating in Lily Wikoff's second Vintage Pop-Up shop, held in the beautifully textured Artisan Traders building in the Village of West Greenville.  To describe my part of it in the most basic terms, I sold some vintage stuff and got to be a part of the growing Village community.  At the heart of it, I got a lesson in facing irrational fears and putting myself out there. #vulnerability 

The entire weekend (a long weekend for me - I took a personal day from work on Friday) was a dream.  There are so many things I could say about it, but the only one that seems to matter is this: I could do this every day.  The people, the clothes, the coffee, the general camaraderie - these are things I do not take for granted.  I miss working with people - just so much; I certainly felt the magic of synergy once more while hanging with all the lovely souls who took part in the Pop-Up. Thankful for that.

Here are all the special folks who had a part in it:

Let's all do it again soon.  Until then, I need to get my items back up in my shop!

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