Wednesday, January 15, 2014

52 Portraits // 2

This young gentleman is Lee Alan Wiles.  If you asked me how Lee came into my life, I wouldn't know how to give you a straight answer, though I could probably make one up.  Our friendship was an accident, but a happy one.  I think the best friendships often are.

Lee is the quintessential good-old-boy.  Loves Jesus, loves America, loves his mama.  Beyond that exterior, which is true and good and of such merit, is a genuine zeal for the life he leads.  His friends are his treasure, and his loyalty is a fire raging hot.  A song he loves becomes nirvana, elevating him and those around him to a place of transformation - even if that transformation is just a 60 second dance party.  His word is his bond, he is trustworthy to his core.  Oh, and he's got a mean sweet tooth.

This guy is leaving for training for the Air Force in February.  I will miss the hell out of him, but I'm beyond proud to call him my friend.

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