Saturday, January 25, 2014

52 portraits // 3

Here is girl like none other.

Her name is Crystal Frost, and - although a rose by any other name would, after all, smell sweet - her name precedes her like a banner.  Rest assured, she's one of a kind.

Crystal and I became friends in high school; the both of us shy, with nothing and everything to prove. She, being the only other girl in our group full of dudes, saved me with her wit and approach more times than I can count.  

Crystal is a storyteller, a brave and curious soul, and a woman who really gives that word it's definition.  She is independent, but loyal.  Classic, but a renegade.  She will make your belly hurt with laughter, and in the same thread cause you to question things you thought were black and white. 

I don't get to see this girl nearly enough; but when I do, I never leave her presence the same way I entered it.  

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