Sunday, January 4, 2015

earn your shine

The new year has almost lost its shine.

Four days have passed in 2015.  Four days, for me, fraught with personal conflict, sickness, and rain.

I know, I know -- Somebody call the waaahmbulence.  (oh look, now it's fraught with bad jokes, too)

For a new year so devoid of ceremony and shebang, this one is starting off smack full of promise for our little family.  I'm taking this unusually high level of headaches as a sign that 2015 will be what I call hard/good.  You know, like a beer at the end of a longass workday.  You earned that beer, dammit, and it tastes so much better than usual, following the hours you just sweated for it.

Jonathan is going back to school, and will have to quit his job to do so.  I'm taking on a second job. Both of us are excited/scared for the learning/stretching/tearing/growing ahead.

It may be unfair of me to say that the new year has lost its shine, when in fact the new year is earning its shine.

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  1. Encouraging. Here's to 2015: let's see whatcha got!?